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    DRONE Inspections
    Reduce inspection costs

    No more Costly Dive Inspections

    When doing traditional methods such as dry docking, costs can vary to the extreme. Ultra ROV offers a faster more affordable solution to your aquatic inspections. ROVs allow for more frequent inspections that are more cost-effective and require less time to perform since ROVs can be deployed within minutes and inspect a ship’s hull in a matter of hours.

    • Live Streaming Visual Monitoring
    • Remote Operations from Land and Sea
    • Advanced Position Locating and Tracking

    How Is Ultra ROV Being Used In Your Industry?

    Ultra ROV has a team of experts proficient in a wide range of Industries. Our ROVs are optimized in handling a multitude of scenarios and applications to fit your Industry.


    Experts in seafaring commercial or military activity.

    Defense & Security

    Equipped to handle port security inspections.

    Search & Recovery

    Emergency deployment can improve recovery time.

    Offshore Inspection

    Offshore Rig inspections can help maintain structural integrity.


    Inspect production and lifecycle of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions.

    Ocean Science

    Evaluate marine life and ecosystems and the geology of marine areas.

    Marine Conservation

    We can help inspect the protection and preservation of ecosystems.


    Our experts can run a full inspection on your structure effectively underwater.

    Film & Photography

    We can help run inspections for underwater film and photography locations.


    Our experts handle everything you need to complete the job effectively.