Port Security

Optimize Port Security With ROVs

Discover the benefits of using our ROVs for port security inspections. With Ultra ROV, inspections are safer, and there is no costly downtime; our ROVs can be rapidly deployed in minutes without the need for dry-docking or taking systems offline.

Fast Deployment

Our experts handle everything you need to complete the job effectively.

Easy Booking

Our ROVs are an easy way to save money on your aquatic inspections.

Advanced Scanning Technology

Safety and Security

The advantage of using an ROV for port security is that it allows the drivers to remain in a safe position and distance while the ROV enters more dangerous situations. Using advanced scanning and image technology, the operator can determine the safety level. We work with security to provide enough intelligence that they can make informed decisions.

How Is Ultra ROV Being Used In Your Industry?

Ultra ROV has a team of experts proficient in a wide range of industries. Our ROVs are optimized for handling a multitude of scenarios and applications to fit your industry.


Experts in seafaring commercial or military activity.

Defense & Security

Equipped to handle port security inspections.

Search & Recovery

Emergency deployment can improve recovery time.

Offshore Inspection

Offshore Rig inspections can help maintain structural integrity.


Inspect production and lifecycle of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions.

Ocean Science

Evaluate marine life, ecosystems, and the geology of marine areas.

Marine Conservation

We can help inspect the protection and preservation of ecosystems.


Our experts can run a full inspection of your structure effectively underwater.

Film & Photography

We can help run inspections for underwater film and photography locations.


Our experts handle everything you need to complete the job effectively.